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November 18, 2012
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Ethereal Realm - Damon Kraithe by kousou Ethereal Realm - Damon Kraithe by kousou
Name: Damon Kraithe
Age: 18
Date of Birth: 04/13
Height/Weight: 6'7 / 142

Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Dorm: Midnight
Rank: Student

History: On the day of April 13th xxxx, a child was borne to the village of winged demons. A child was born to winged demons, but this one was without wings. Beyond that, a tattoo of a cross had appeared overnight after he was born. As a village who were extremely superstitious, they immediately called for the death of this apparently cursed child. Fortunately, reason won out among the Elder Council and he was spared. Placed under watch for sure, but spared nonetheless.

After his tenth birthday, an incident of bullying occured in the village. Another student at his school attempted to pick on Damon for being wingless. Unconciously utilising his precognition, he dodged the bully's punch and retaliated with a leg sweep. The bully then ran off, his ego burst and his left leg barely skinned.

That night, Damon dreamed of a giant bonfire in the middle of the village. When he took a closer look in his dream, a horrific sight greeted him. Fire consumed his own body, and agony twisted his face. At that, he woke up and immediately went to his older brother, scared and wanting help. When his brother heard about his dream, he took his younger brother and tried to leave the village, knowing that it was true. He had figured out by then that Damon's dreams usually came true after several incidents had happened, all having been dreamt of by his brother.

Several miles from the village, the duo were interrupted by a sudden wall of fire appearing in front of them. Damon screamed, and when his brother turned around, he saw five winged demons behind them with angry looks on their faces. He knew then that it was too late for them both to escape, but it was possible for him to ensure his brother's safety at the very least.

Utilising a one use per day ability, he teleported his brother several miles away before collapsing. The strain of teleporting so much mass drained reserves and he fell to his knees, exhausted. Damon never saw his older brother again.

Damon then strugled to survive on his own, traveling around the world. After two years, he tried to steal from an angel, thinking that it would be easy because of earlier teachings at his school. Obviously, he failed and was caught. Rather then reporting Damon to the police, he took him in as a student.

The two traveled the world soon after, and Damon saw the bigotry and the damage that was caused as a result of the war and hate between demons and angels.

Thus, when his teacher had passed away protecting him from a bigoted angel, he had looked for a place where it was possible for there to be peace between angels and demons. Remembering his own past only strengthened that resolve. When he heard of an academy where this was possible, he immediately jumped at that chance and enrolled as a student.

Personality: Damon is usually calm and laid back, as this is his natural personality. He dislikes crowds, but won't immediately leave or get annoyed when he finds himself in one. As a result of his past, Damon now harbours some extremely protective feelings for his close friends. While he will joke around a little about them and such, he will never tolerate any harm to them, going as far as to maim those who have made that mistake before.

Likes: Poetry, Sugar
Dislikes: Bigots and Superstitious People, Idiots

Powers: Precognition. Also known as future sight and second sight. Damon is able to sense or know future events before they happen. However, they will either manifest as a vision or an 'inkling'. In other words, he will either be able to fully see what will happen or he will have a good or bad feeling depending on what will happen. These feelings will also manifest themselves as his instincts, allowing him to act accordingly in terms of fighting or random events like tripping on a loose stone, etc.

What he senses is only the most likely action or event. It is possible for him to change it or for the event to not happen at all. However, this power comes with a severe cost. His sanity will slowly deteriorate, and soon enough he will be consumed in madness. To this day, he looks for any possible cure to this deterioration, even at the cost of his power.

Weapon: Gauntlet with a Hidden Dagger


Stamina: :star::star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty:
Speed: :star::star::star::star::star::star:
Defense: :star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
Strength: :star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
Magic: :star::star::star::star::star::star-empty:
Intelligence: :star::star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty:
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